Taslim Tagore

  • Reciprocity Foundation, Inc

  • Co-Founded with Adam Bucko

  • 2007 Global Fellow

Taslim Tagore
  • Reciprocity Foundation, Inc

  • Co-Founded with Adam Bucko

  • 2007 Global Fellow

bold idea

Revolutionize the opportunities available to homeless youth by building a national network of comprehensive personal, educational, and professional support programs.

organization overview

More than eighty percent of homeless youth cannot find sustainable living and employment after leaving the shelter system—many return to the street, abusive family situations or accept heavy government subsidies.
The Reciprocity Foundation bridges homeless youth and the corporate sector, educational institutions, and creative professionals. Built on the belief that homeless youth are an untapped source of creativity with tremendous unrealized potential relevant to the fast-growth “Creativity Economy” (e.g., design, media, marketing, public relations and fashion industries), The Reciprocity Foundation aims to build a national network of programs to enable homeless youth to enroll in college, secure hands-on work experiences, and build a professional network in their fields of interest.

Personal Bio

Taz Tagore’s family fled a politically unstable regime in East Africa. Having experienced life under authoritarian governments and witnessed the damage it can cause to personal development, Taz has focused her career on helping individuals achieve their full potential. She received a BS from Queen’s University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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    Civil and Human Rights

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    New York, United States

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