Terrence Stevens

Terrence Stevens
bold idea

Change the trajectory of children with a parent in prison through programming and support for both children and their incarcerated parents.

organization overview

Children with a parent in prison are six times more likely than children of non-incarcerated parents to become involved with crime and become imprisoned themselves. In Arms Reach, Inc. responds to this alarming situation with programming in academics, arts, music, prison visitation, and mentoring for children whose parents are or were formerly offenders of the criminal justice system. In Arms Reach empowers children through academic assistance, preparing each child for admission to college so that they may lead productive, crime-free lives. The program aims to break the potential cycle of incarceration passed from parent to child by offering one-on-one and group counseling in a supportive setting. In Arms Reach also helps to reduce feelings of abandonment and anger by nurturing existing parent-child relationships with free trips for children to visit their parents. Finally, the organization provides a voice for children in the public school system through meetings with officials, involvement in curriculum, and encouragement of academic excellence.

Personal Bio

Terrence “Twheels” Stevens is an inspiring poster-child of the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws and leader of social changes for various political issues affecting urban communities and the criminal justice system. He has had personal visits from Bill Cosby and Russell Simmons, and a private meeting with George Soros. Terrence’s speaking engagements include Yale Law School, Harvard University, and Columbia University, and he has appeared on various media outlets such as CNN International, BET 106 & Park, NBC, ABC, RNN, Channel 9 UPN news, and Court TV, with Anchorwoman Cathleen Crier highlighting his community work. He was recently invited to the signing of Governor Paterson’s new Legislation of the Rockefeller drug laws, along with DOCS Commissioner Brian Fisher, NYS Assembly Standing Committee Chairmen, Keith L.T. Wright, Jeffrion Aubry, Majority Leader Sheldon Silver and many others.

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    New York, United States

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